Advocacy for Enabling Environment

The SRHR Alliance will focus on influencing significant increase on the priority given to SRH in policies, development frameworks, plans and budget allocation in health systems and other relevant sectors at National and County Levels. By advocating, we seek to change (or protect) budgets, policies and legislation to create opportunities for delivering more and better sexual and reproductive health information and services.

The SRHR Alliance also supports organizations in the various partner countries in advocacy matters. After all, realizing a well-functioning health care and supporting the population’s SRHR is one of the duties of the national government. However, there is often a lack of resources and the government may choose other priorities. We help our partner organizations in clearly formulating their needs, such as more contraceptives or better legislation in the area of sex education. Subsequently, they will be able to discuss the matter with their governments and together find structural solutions that will support the target groups of our partner organizations.





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