Reproductive Health Services Training and Education Program (RHSTEP)

RHSTEP is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) in Bangladesh, committed to improving Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) for the common people for the last three decades. RHSTEP is a pioneer organization, building capacity of Government, NGO and Private level health service providers including doctors, nurses, paramedics, FWVs and others. RHSTEP also provides sexual, reproductive health services to women, men, adolescent and youths thus contributing in reducing maternal mortality and morbidity especially due to septic abortion through establishing Safe MR support across the country. Read more ........


ED's Message

Reproductive Health Services Training and Education Program (RHSTEP) is dedicated to improving the reproductive health status of women, men and adolescents of Bangladesh thus contributing towards achieving the goals of MDG and PRSP in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 1983 RHSTEP is supplementing and complimenting the programs of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in reducing maternal mortality and morbidity. Mandated to serve mostly the underserved population, RHSTEP has reached near the heart of the clients who want to prevent unwanted pregnancies and seek relief from the curses of unsafe and complicated abortions. Moreover, RHSTEP is addressing other RH needs of women and adolescents.

With best wishes,
Quazi Suraiya Sultana
Executive Director

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