Its a great achievement of UBR -CSE team we almost done of our work MMW students book transformed to Supplementary reading materials by NCTB(National Curriculum Text Book Board) we already finished 80% of work with NCTB module review expert.. now we CSE team will make it final for tuning,pictures and design work.. I like to remember in this great moment of UBR -CSE team to our mentor and guide to prepare this module Me and My World Sanderijn van der Doef and all the team members who are now not with us in physically but mentally with us they are Saeda Bani Syed Sakhawat Sumi Tan Rimi Chakma and the present team members who are working hard for preparing this SRM Mohammad Zobair Mahmuda Nasrin Nasrin Begum Maheen Bibi Faruque Ahmad@Hosne Jahan Liza কানিজ গোফরানী কোরায়শী Begum Halima Labonno Sharmin Kallol Chowdhury Prodip Dutta and All the UBR alliance Executive Directors, Program Managers, Upazilla Managers, Youth officers, all the SRHR educators, and team members of YFS team,M&E team, Youth counsellor, Paramedics team,Alliance Program Coordinator and of course our all time guide Mushfiqua Satiar apa for support and encouragement to make it possible...I am really honour and grateful as a coordinator to coordinate this work...

Thank you all

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